South Dakota
Department of Social Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently will the SMAC rate schedule be updated?
SMAC rates will be updated at least once a month. More frequent updates may be made based on rate appeals received and changes in market conditions.

What if I have an issue with the reimbursement for a prescription on the SMAC list?
If the SMAC rate is lower than the acquisition cost on a drug, and no cheaper alternatives are available from different manufacturers or wholesalers, a reimbursement appeal may be filed. Pharmacies are encouraged to download and complete the SMAC Appeal Form located on this website,, and fill in all the requested information. The completed form, along with a copy of a recent invoice for the claim in question, and a copy of the claim initiating the appeal for reimbursement review, can be faxed to 1-855-856-0337. The appeal will be reviewed and the SMAC price changed if necessary.

Where can I find updated SMAC lists and proposed SMAC changes?
Current SMAC lists, previous SMAC lists, and proposed changes to the SMAC list can be found at